Zafferano del Circeo


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ZAFFERANO DEL CIRCEO  is produced by a small family-owned saffron farm 700 metres from the sea in San Felice Circeo, a beautiful little town on the west coast of Italy in the Latium region. The soil and climatic conditions are ideal. The soil is sandy and light textured. The climate is warm and mediterranean with bright sunshine in the summer months. These are important factors, since the crocus sativus plant needs efficient soil drainage. Too much rain can damage its delicate stigma. Good sunshine ensures a higher quality crop with richer colouring of the stigma.


Our saffron is produced in a natural way without using chemicals of any kind (fertilizers, herbicides and chemicals against parasites) and all the cares are provided by manual techniques. Saffron threads are not sold right after being plucked from the flower but need to be properly dehydrated to avoid mold and to prolong its shelf life. Our saffron is hand grown, hand - picked, sorted and dried. The drying threads procedure is performed slowly according to the traditional techniques in order to preserve aroma and colour. That is why the flavour and the aroma of our saffron is full and rich. Once the dehydration process is complete then saffron is ready to be sold.


Saffron harvest is an annual event which takes place over three to four weeks between October and November . During this time, the Crocus Sativus plants bloom continuously, needing long work days. We do not hire harvesters so we do all the work ourselves.